Friday, December 5, 2014

Irrigation Guilt

Our new home came with a complicated automatic irrigation system that includes sprinklers and a drip system. It is set up to water in three separate phases and for dates and duration that are set forth by the existing mandatory water restrictions. But I still feel so guilty every time the irrigation starts up after nine pm on the select days. When the system engages, it sound like a waterfall going off in the house (the main irrigation boxes are located next to my bedroom window). They are constantly waking me up in the early morning when the drip systems engage. I come from the hand watering school of plant irrigation; Hubby and I had no desire to set up a sprinkler system for our previous home, especially since we had no lawn. I would hand water with the hose all the vegetables and flowers on an as needed basis (usually three times a week), taking care not to get foliage wet. I felt like I could better control the amount of water I was using and our water bill was always low and manageable. I shudder to think what our water bill will be in this new house - we haven't received the bill yet. Thankfully, I turned off the irrigation system this week due to almost two inches we have received starting Monday. I hope the rain will continue through the winter without the city flooding and/ or floating away!

I did break down and hire a landscaping service to take care of my new intimidating yard. Having some one else take care of my yard is awkward, mainly because I have been such a DIY girl. But I have to admit, it has been so helpful to rely on someone else during our move and the holidays. While my gardeners strive to keep everything attractive and tidy, I wish that most of these plants would just die already, because I want to tear everything out. I want vegetable beds, roses, and nectar plants that feed hummingbirds and butterflies. And I really, really miss my herb garden. [Sniff] Okay, I'll stop the petulant pity party complaining about first world problems

I am relying on my landscaper to help me with the irrigation settings and provide guidance. Here are some pictures of the funky system:

Confusing controls in kitchen

Sprinklers near the bedroom - they are loud!

Hubby had to manually shut these off; one kept watering after it was supposed to stop.